Loxie & Zoot - © Toons Au Naturel 2000

Loxie & Zoot - © Toons Au Naturel 2000

What's this? Comics about nudists? Well, yeah - nudists have adventures too y'know!
If this freaks you out, please note they aren't adult/ porn/sex comics...! Just toons with nekkid people and the stuff they get up to.. Cool? Cool.

Now showing: The Bare Pit is currently updating and is a spin-off of the original series Loxie & Zoot which is now complete. The latest page from The Bare Pit is tooncast below (click the comic to go to the site and the rest of the story).

Archives: Links to all major stories from both The Bare Pit and Loxie & Zoot are below.

Book: A book is also available! Details and easy order here.

The Bare Pit fast find archive

There are over 175 pages on-line - you can find all stories thru the The Bare Pit archives. Below are some quick stepping stones to the major stories so far...
Generation Gap Twinkle Chicken Little
Incognito Enchanted Tales to Scare Your Pants Off!
Birthday Suits   Celebrating 10 years! Read the Potted History...

Loxie & Zoot fast find archive

There are over 200 pages on-line - you can find any page and story thru the Loxie and Zoot archives. Below are some quick stepping stones the major stories...

The Koala Bares
This is where it all began! The regulars at the Koala Bay Bares find their clothes-free lifestyle threatened by anti-nudist campaigner Tex Tyler...
[120 pages]

Willow has a pretty carefree attitude towards her lifestyle - but there are others out there that treat this as a golden opportunity...

[30 pages]

Ghost Story
There are some ghostly goings on at the Koala Bay Bares (Featuring Jenny Everywhere)
[15 pages]
It's A Nood, Nood, Nood, Nood World!
Stolen jewels and miniature golf and Nudie Sven all have their part to play in this cops and robbers tale!
[90 pages]

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